Panel Layout for Fabrication



I’m wondering what features are included in Evolute Tools Pro for taking the panelized, planarized mesh and laying out the individual ngons for cutting.

If there aren’t any built into Evolute Tools are their other Rhino or Grasshopper plug-ins which are commonly used to accomplish this?


(Alexander Schiftner) #2

Hi Mark,

EvoluteTools PRO includes an interface to RhinoScript which is usually used to accomplish this task. Example scripts are included in the file “ScriptingExamples/EvoluteToolsForRhinoToolbarScripts.rvb”, which can also be accessed from the toolbar (ETScripts). Our primer for scripting with EvoluteTools will be handy:
The task of defining the individual panel boundaries is usually strongly project-dependent, therefore some scripting work will probably be necessary. In case you post the details of your structure and we find them sufficiently general, we would add example scripting functionality to EvoluteTools PRO.

Cheers, Alex