Millipede do not read grasshopper native geometry (only baked)


(Sisoburg) #1

Hi there,

I’ve been playing with millipede for the past weeks and i have encountered a problem with grasshopper native geometry.

The 2d Solver won’t work with the shapes I have created inside grasshopper.

Though after i bake the same shapes and refer them inside it is working just fine. (24.6 KB)

That’s a big problem for me because i want to connect the parametric shape to Galapagos afterwords.


Unlike the kangaroo solver, looks like millipede 2d solver doesn’t accept multiple data tree structure…
Try Flatten your input parameters… (26.1 KB)

(Sisoburg) #3

so neat and simple.
works like a charm
thank you so much.

I still don’t understand though why it is working after I bake the geometry and refer it again to grasshopper it doesn’t need to be flatten