Migrating part of a project from Rhinoscript to RhinoCommon

I’ve done quite a bit of scripting in Rhinoscript and a very very simple project in VB.Net. I’m working on what’s ultimately going to be a pretty large development project, and the current version is basically a barely-functional ‘mockup’ in Rhinoscript. There are some base core classes where I have things figured out well enough and for performance etc it would be great if I could rebuild them in a real programming language, but then write a Rhinoscript interface for them so that I can continue to develop it where I’m comfortable. How hard is that to actually do…? Kind of a dumb question I know, if I have to ask the answer is probably “too hard…?”

Shouldn’t be too hard. There is a function on the plug-in class called GetPlugInObject that you can override and return your custom .NET class from. This class can be accessed from RhinoScript. @DavidRutten did this a long time ago for wrapping from Color/Drawing routines that can be called from RhinoScript using this exact technique.

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