Migrating from VS2008 .NET to VS2013 rhinocommon

Hello, I have a small working plugin coded 2 years ago with VS2008 and .NET SDK. Now I’d like to improve some and add stuff but looks like it’s better to move to Rhinocommon and VS2013. Actually I have installed both on my PC and the old compiled plugin works good on Rhino5.
If I open VS2013 and set reference to Rhinocommon eerything is not compiling and the problem is that I’m using stuff like:

public class testRhinoCommand : RMA.Rhino.MRhinoScriptCommand
public override IRhinoCommand.result RunCommand(IRhinoCommandContext context)
public On3dPoint getLaserStart(IRhinoCommandContext context)

I’m aware that the library has chenged but don’t know if there is a way for easy “conversion”. I’m an unskilled coder and doesn’t know buch about using VisualStudio.

Thanks for help!

The code you present references the old Rhino_DotNet SDK, which is obsolete. And while their is not easy way to convert from one toolkit to another, there are equivalent classes and structures. So you should be able to get your tool rebuilt with the same functionality using RhinoCommon.

More on RhinoCommon:

For what your command appears to do, which is script other command, this article should be helpful.