Job Offer: Freelancer for Rhino V5 Plugin C#

Hello Developer,

i have a Plugin created with VS2005 written in C# and former .NetSDK for Rhino3.
The plugin generates robot-path-Files(txt) from 3D curves using transformations and runs on WinXp and Rhino 3 without problems.
I’m looking for someone who will rebuild this plugin with RhinoCommon-SDK in Visual Studio for use with Rhino5/6 on Windows Platform.The output (.txt with position data) must be the same as the old one.
Because of the strong use of RMA.OpenNurbs I guess the approximately 50 percent of the code need to be replaced with RhinoCommon types and classes!?
The project is to be launched as soon as possible in Germany

Thanks for reading!

Did send you a message 6 days ago and couple of hours ago again.

Please send me a PM. Thank you.