Middle lines

Hello Friends
How can I draw middle lines according to an example?
form 41-asli-1.gh (25.1 KB)
form 41-asli.3dm (129.9 KB)

Do you have a better solution?
form 41-asli-1.gh (45.7 KB)

Your question is so vague, I and I assume others are not interested in an effort to guess precisely what you mean, when you haven’t put in the tiny bit of effort to precisely ask the question. Just trying to help you to get better help.

Your Rhino file (.3dm) is R7 so those of us who have R6 can’t open it.
Both of your GH files (which have the same name) don’t seem to require it?
The code quickly gets very complicated and redundant with no clear grouping of functionality.
If it does what you want, what’s the problem?

There is a similar construction inside the examples provided by Daniel here:

hello @Joseph_Oster
I wanted to run this model of space frames on a free-form surface.

form 41-asli-r6.3dm (197.8 KB)

A free-form surface with holes in it. And it appears you have done that.

Better in what way? The holes seem to be responsible for much of the complexity, so how would you do it without the holes?

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As @maje90 mentioned, there’s a construction for this sort of oct-tet truss on any quad mesh inside an example I posted recently for MultiPipe.
The creation of the truss lines can be separated from the MultiPipe part though - it’s this little cluster with some Weaverbird components
QuadTruss.gh (25.4 KB)