Metahopper - SetSlider component doesn't update Slider

I have a setup where a Slider’s Range (R ) is dynamically modified by the Metahopper SetSlider component.

The Slider is seemingly changing its values since I can see the numbers on the Slider visibly changing (for example if the upper bound is decreased while the slider is at its max value, then the visible max value on the Slider is decreased) but, that very visible value is not propagated to the output of the Slider (until I manually touch the Slider).

Setting the V value works as expected though.

Ok, the picture doesn’t add any info on this, but since I had it in my clipboard…

Is this as designed, or something that perhaps will be fixed? Or, does it exist any alternative Slider manipulator plugins?

// Rolf

I have the same problem :unamused:

I see this and can reproduce, thanks.

I believe this is fixed, try this GHA: MetaHopper.gha (251 KB)

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