Give slider always max value , even after update from Set slider options

Hi, I am trying to get the slider value always at the max value, but i can’t find any option that can help me out with that. Do i need to make an expression for this or is there a other way?



I’m not so clear on what you are looking for. Something like this?

Well with the Set Slider properties, you can give the slider a min and max value from a certain range or domain. but i want to have the slider always on the max alue, example: Slider goes from 0 to 5 but after the options change to range 0 to 8, i want the slider to go to the max value when its updated. after that it can be changed manually, but when the range change, i want the value to be max (before 5, after update 8)

Are you talking about the Set Slider Properties in Metahopper plugin? If you have a problem with it, you should contact @andheum the developer.

I dont have a problem with it its just that i want to let the slider update to the max automaticly. The component works fine

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You can just use the top end of the domain to set the slider value at the same time you set its range…