Define max. slider value from a component output


Hopefully I’ll be able to describe this clearly. Is there a way to set the max. value of a slider to match the output value of another component.

e.g. Component ‘Whatever’ outputs 40, so the number slider ranges from 0 - 40.
Component ‘Whatever’ updates to output 50, so the number slider ranges from 0 - 50.

I’ve tried several things via domains etc but I can’t seem to make anything sensible.

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Not with the vanilla GH but the Metahopper plugin should allow you to do this.

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Ah interesting - I’ll install it and have a look.


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Fantastic - thanks for taking the time

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You can always vanilla script things though:

Well, to be exact you are right. Grasshopper is the ultimate tinkering place :slight_smile:

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