Metaballs extruding/meshing problem

so i’ve recently been trying to use the Metaballs command and have been struggling to mesh it out, i tried cacoon except that just made my computer crash so ive opted to try and extrude the curves to give a more staggered effect (which was still quite strenuous on my computer). Although, when i use this method it seems to create a massive amount of duplicates and i cant seem to figure out whats making this happen in my script. I also cant ‘SelDup’ them in rhino to remove them (I’m guessing they’re all slightly different?). if anyone can point me in the right direction with removing the duplicates or even a more efficient way of meshing Metaballs, it would be greatly appreciated!


meta balls (12.8 KB)

Metaballs subject has already been discussed. Here a way that seems good. But not all Grasshopper. We miss a good points to Mesh method.

highly recommend ‘Dendro’ plugin for points to mesh operations !

Yes and no. Dendro is awesome but lacks isosurfacing. For Metaballs it add a thickness so you need to have a lot of points to limit this thickness.