Multiple curves baked from one metaball contour intersection

I am getting multiple curves baked from what appear to be individual contour intersection lines. I can use SelDup to clean this up but I’d like to understand why I am getting so many lines on top of each other. This will be projected flat, trimmed and used for a laser etch so I need to be sure there are no duplicate paths.

metaball field for projection.3dm (7.6 MB)
metaball field for (11.4 KB)

Are you still seeing this behavior in the latest RhinoWIP?

Hi Dan, Yes I see this in the latest RhinoWIP for Mac but I’ve also tried this in Rhino6 for Windows SR11 and I get the same result so I think there is something I don’t understand about the way I am generating the metaball intersections. If you can help me understand how to get single curves at the intersections it would be much appreciated.

@DavidRutten Can you please help with this one?

Sorry to have to bump this topic up again but I am doing more with projected metalball fields again and hope I can eliminate the duplicated curves.

For what it’s worth this doesn’t seem to be a mac issue, it appears to be a bug with the component itself. It looks like metaball(t) produces duplicate contours in cases where multiple points contributed to that contour.

metaball(t) custom exhibits the same behavior

Thank you! It is super helpful for me know it’s not due to my inexperience with GH. Hope that McNeel techs will log a request to repair this component soon.

Sorry this took so long to log…it had slipped off the radar. RH-51429. Thank you for reporting this @abrahamwechter!