Metaball to Hollow Mesh

HI, i was wondering if anyone knew how to use a metaball form, but create it into a hollow shell polysurface/mesh, rather than have these horizontal layers that it originally becomes? I cant figure out how to create a mass with the isocurves i get from the metaball tool. Any ideas?


These topics may help you.

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Hi @HS_Kim,

sorry if I bother u in this old topic. I’m trying to understand where should I download this “Ball Pivot” component, because it’s redirecting me in the group of Milkbox but I’m not finding it in food4rhino neither in the group.

Could u help me to understand? I’ve got Rhino 6 on Windows.

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Hi there

This the direct link:
It might be necessary for you to join the Milkbox group in order to see this post.

I hope it helps!

Super cooool @submillimetre! Thanks a ton.

I’ve joined and downloaded. Seems to work pretty well!

Thank you :wink:

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