Made with Weaverbird (thicken and smoothing), Meshedit and the Mesh From Points comand from Rhino which uses the marching-cubes algorithm (12.6 KB) I don’t know where these two batteries are? Can someone help me with this? Thank you

The other component is called Cherry Picker and be found under Params in the Util subcategory.

* Is that it? But I don’t know how to do it

This meshFromPoints command script, can be in rhino 6.0?

What do you mean? Yes, that’s it! Click on it and place it on the canvas.

You could use ballpivot algorithm instead of mesh fr points. (19.0 KB)


Thank you for your answer, but I have another problem, I can’t find the plugin for Milkbox. Do you have a Milkbox download link?

Milkbox is not a plug-in, it is a forum group.

Because I am a beginner, I don’t quite understand how to get it.

Please join(sign in)the milkbox group first and find the post of ball pivot by David Reeves from the list and download the gha file if you want.

Am I looking the right way

But @HS_Kim sent you the link before, here it is again. Not Facebook.