Metaball-like curve on surface

Dear Grasshopper-community,
not finding the right answers to my question when searching the topics here, I wanted to ask for some advise. I am looking for a solution on how to get a metaball-like curve on a surface. In my project I want to use a collection of points on a surface and those points (marked as spheres in the image below) should be outlined by a curve with different charges. I already tried the custom metaball-command, but as it only works in a plane, it seems to not solve the issue. Could the paneling-tool be an option?

Any help is much appreciated!

Are you looking for the intersection between the surface and the 3D metaball? or will you settle for solving the meta-ball in the surface UV space? The latter will be much, much easier, but will suffer from compression and decompression as the underlying surface squeezes and stretches.

ps. the uv approach will also not be able to deal with the surface seam.

he David,
thanks for your quick answer!
I guess meta-ball in the uv space should solve my issue. Is there an easy way how to apply the meta-ball component to the surface’ uv space? It does not have to be super accurate.
thanks for you help, this forum really blows my mind in terms of support and friendliness!


Just remember as David said, be aware of crossing the seam. If you need to move the seam you can do so in Rhino with the SrfSeam command. (56.0 KB)


He Michael,

that was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much!