Metaball Problem

Hii everybody, Im having some issues with a project im working on, I wanted to create a facade but Im not quite sure of how I can make a loft or mesh out of my ´´floors´´, my loft appears on each floor instead of all the volume. Since I created the floors with metaballs. I tried extruding the floors but I dont really enjoy how it looks:( I would really appreciate if someone could help me out! Please and thanks!! (32.5 KB)

You can get a neat and tidy NURBS surface that you can then subdivide or whatever to design a curved facade, by first taking the naked mesh edges (or boundary curves) of each of the existing level meshes, joining and rebuilding (or simplifying) them, and then lofting.

Lofting the 6th and 7th floor is currently not possible, since you branch from one closed, planar curve to two. This is a special condition that needs a custom approach. The easiest is probably to model the surface or mesh by hand?

If you had a three-dimensional, meshed metaball, instead of the curves, you could quite easily get a much neater shell, by using the quad remesher in Rhino 7 to decimate the probably triangulated metaball mesh!
In my opinion, this would be an overall better starting point, if you know how to handle meshes and generate a facade from them (instead of with LunchBox or surfaces)!

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