Meta Human UI


I need to create Human UI component (text labels, check boxes, …) by code. I mean : the number and contents of this components should be parameters of my definition.

How can I do this ?

I tried something with Metahopper, with the “Instantiate object” component (cf. screenshot) : I can create a check box, but i don’t know how to set its label.

Thanks in advance


I doubt what you are describing is possible. If you can give a little more detail, perhaps we can find an alternate approach that provides the flexibility you need.

Yes. I need 1/ a DataTable that would be editable 2/ and, if possible, containing checkboxes (one per line)

Or the possibility of creating a list of checkboxes, given any list of labels.

what about the checklist components?

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If you pass a list of labels to the Create Checkbox component you will automatically get a list of HumanUI checkboxes. Is that what you’re after?


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Yes, thank both of you !

So, it’s not possible to get the DataTable editable ?

The DataTable can only display data rather than elements at the moment.