Question about the Human UI checkbox component

Dear Andrew,

I hope you can help me.

as you can see in the image, I import some geometries through the check box component into the UI control window.
I have a small problem with this phase.
If I edit and / or move the imported geometry in Rhino, Human UI not received the modify, but I have to redo the re-import in the checkbox again.
Is there a method for recognizing the change, without having to re-import the geometry into the checkbox?


That SelObj component from Human sucks, frankly. Try this script instead Get Selected Objects as (8.0 KB)

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Hallo Andrew, as always, too kind from you!!

So, works great.
Many thanks for the fast solution!!!

A little Off-Topic,
I noticed that if I copy-paste an object in Rhino, everything in the current Human Ui window resets.
Is it a common problem?

thank you and look forward to your tutorial tonight.


Hope the tutorial cleared it up - if not, make sure you’re not changing any values upstream of a “create” component - use a “set” component from UI output to make any updates.