HUMANUI - ghpythonlib.components

migrating from

I’m having a problem with the HumanUI Element creation commands - all the elements (CreateLabel, CreateToggle etc) return None.

The ‘Help on Function’ works and says the command returns the created labels but I always get None. The code I was using is below:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

import ghpythonlib.components as ghc

label_1 = ghc.HumanUI.CreateLabel(“Working Yet?”,12,1)


Any help would really appreciated!



Hi - These components are not compatible with GH Python Lib.

Ahh okay - are there any other ways of calling them using python Andrew?



No, not directly in a way that’s compatible with Human UI. If you want to build a UI using Python you might consider building up WPF directly, or using a python-friendly UI package. What is it you’re trying to do exactly?

Great - good to know - and thanks for getting back to me so soon. We’re carrying out modelling, drawing production and analysis of a number of different structures - all streamed through Rhino. We use the HumanUI components to keep the front-end simple and easy to use for all.

We’ve considered moving into Eto and tkinter but we really liked your interface and functionality. So much so we’ll probably come up with a hybrid solution where we keep GH for the Human UI and move everything else into python.

Thanks for your help Andrew,