Message under Component Visual Studio c#

Hi everyone ,

i would like to show a calculated value under my component like you can it with the c# component in GH with Component.Message=(“Hi”)

I found something in the old Forum here:

But i dont understand Jacky Liangs solution. Maybe someone has an example or something that helps me out.

Thanks in advance!

You can set the Message property of any GH_Component to some string to display that label. If you’re doing this outside of a solution you will also have to refresh the canvas display to make sure it is drawn at least once. There’s an InvalidateCanvas or somesuch method in Grasshopper.Instances I believe.

I think it is this.Message ="your message";

thanks you both @DavidRutten and @Petras.
By the way Petras Homepage with the example files helped me a lot and is in my opinion a very good documentation for someone who just begun. It was already some kind of hidden on the old Forum, maybe it is possible on this one to make that information better avaliable?

At this point also thanks for all the effort David!

Dear Baris, I placed the link here: Grasshopper C# tutorials Visual Studio

But I do not know how to do it as nicely as in grasshopper forum

thanks @Petras_Vestartas!