Custom GH compent using C# - How to show this information?


I am doing a custom GH component in C# and I would like to show this information.

How can I do that?

Component.Message =" your message";

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Hi @laurent_delrieu is there way to change color background Massage box?

I have no idea. I am not used to dévelop components. See the documentation

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Yes, and no. You can always override the default component style by creating a new derivative of the GH_Attribute of your component. Otherwise, the rendering is quite hard-code. There are some hacks for making it more flexible, e.g. I have achieved to draw custom wires, but therefore I had to replace(=“patch”) the wire rendering method during loading. For this particular detail, any of these options are a total overkill. So just, in my opinion, you should just leave it like this. It’s not the worst thing if components somehow all look the same.