MeshSplit returns invalid pieces

Hi guys,

I’ve noticed splitting one mesh with another sometimes returns invalid pieces. For example, try splitting the smaller mesh with the larger one in this Rhino file. (I’m using Mesh.Split(IEnumerable(Mesh), or MeshSplit at the command line.) The method returns 2 meshes, as one would expect, but both are invalid (no vertices).

Any advice on a fix? Interestingly, the method succeeds if the file units are changed from inches to meters and the model is scaled accordingly. (But not if the doc tolerance is increased by 40x). Hoping for a general solution.



HI Jon - MeshIntersect fails on this as well. I don’t know if there is a sane workaround in the current state of Mesh tools in Rhino. I imagine the problem is caused by the mesh vertices lying on the intersection exactly.
At any rate, I’ll make a bug report - thanks.


FYI, Intersection.MeshMeshFast() does catch it on my end.