Meshes and Paneling Tools via Python?

Hi, I have an odd-shaped mesh model (from a 3D scan) that I am trying to apply a custom panel grid via a Python script so I can use Paneling Tools (I’m using Rhino for Mac). I realize I can’t do this directly to a mesh, but was looking for advice on how best to approach it . Because of its geometry (multiple openings on one end) I can’t Contour->Loft, and I don’t want to lose accuracy by converting to NURBS.

I have no trouble getting this to work on regular surfaces.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help!

@rajaa is this something you can help with?

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Hi @rajaa, any help is appreciated!

Hi btub,

Contour then panel the curves would be the first thing I would try. You need to connect the curves across the opening, then trim later, but you need as complete a grid as possible to start with.

If this is not helpful, please share the model and will see what can be done.

Thanks, @rajaa. The problem is that I need this all to be automated via scripting, without any manual editing. Can I send you my model privately?

I am happy to look into it.