Meshboolean problems: not splitting non-touching meshes, and leaving open meshes after boolean

When I run a mesh boolean with a cutter piece that not only splits the original mesh in to separate the parts, but leaves a gap between them, I want the output be separate mesh items. Right now it’s all a single mesh AND a group?

I want this output:

but when I’m using these cutters:

the booleans randomly make one of the ears disappear:

and the ear that’s left (although it’s a separate mesh, not touching the head) still it all shows s a single mesh:

…and the output is now an open mesh, even though it was a closed mesh to begin with and the cutters where closed polysurfaces. :neutral_face:

If you guys need the pre-boolean file to play with let me know.


Hi Gustavo- see if SplitDisjointMesh does what you need.


Ahhh! that’s the command, not ExtractMeshPart! that really helps, thanks!

…but still the process is very hairy, it doe snot make sense to me:

The SplitDisjointMesh gives you no visual/picking feedback that they are now disjointed because after the boolean they become grouped? Why?

Also I have to tho exactly all these carefully coordinated steps for this to work:

  1. boolean one ear with cutter 1
  2. SplitDisjointMesh
  3. Ungroup
  4. boolean the other ear with cutter 2
  5. SplitDisjointMesh again
  6. Ungroup again
  7. Fix now the resulting open mesh of the earless head (it was closed before)

So 7 steps, 3 of them non obvious (like the fact that each ear needs to be done separately so one does not disappear, and that I have to split disjoint meshes, inconsistent with nurbs booleans, and that parts are secretly grouped.

Instead of just doing _MeshBooleanDifference

I hope this helps to fine tune and give mesh operations some love in V6…


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