MeshBooleanDifference messes up Disjoined meshes

This age old problem still persists. Can you please fix this once and for all?

The simples workaround is to script SplitDisjoinedMesh into the boolean operation and then join back up the result :slight_smile:
@piac even a simple fix like that would go a long way for us, so we don’t have to manually fix this every time.

Here is an old example:
MeshBooleanDifference Disjoined mesh issue.3dm (312.3 KB)

And here is a new example:
MeshBooleanDifference Disjoined mesh issue 2.3dm (277.2 KB)

More on the topic here:

Yes. I am aware of this problem. We are rewriting all the code. So it takes time. I’ve added RH-69152.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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Yeah, good luck on that.

Make sure you cover overlapping geometries too then. So if we boolean a big sphere away from a small sphere, that is fully enclosed by the big sphere then the small one is deleted.

Today nothing happens. (it just deletes the big sphere)

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sample.3dm (115.4 KB)

This is a sample of what you asked.