Mesh2 alternative meshing

I see mesh2 hasn’t made it into V7 can this be brought back into V8 wip perhaps? I found it to be very useful


I believe reintroducing this in V8 was the plan. @andy would be more knowledgable on this topic than me though.

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@andy any news about this?


I’m also very interested in this topic.

There is a whole group of people making so-called “Hard-Surface Modelling” for games, movies etc. and some of them are looking into modeling in NURBS instead of meshes, because of how boolean works, how you got to deal with mesh topology, and how good vertex normals you can get when you export meshes out of NURBS. Saying all that… they rather looking into MoI 3D because of what kind of meshes it can export. Rhino of course has a lot more to offer, and new meshing algorithms would be fantastic to have for many reasons.


Beside that there is always a need for high quality meshes downstream. Not only for games, also for light(er) weight display meshes, 3D printing, web XR and rendering.
I had often good results with mesh2.


@andy do not seem to be very talkative :wink:
Because it would be an important feature for me, I need to bump this thread a bit and show that I’m among the people waiting for some news (hopefully good news).

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I’ve added this thread to RH-64362.

I vaguely remember hearing about it years ago.

Recently my boss had a really important job to 3D print a bushing style part that he needed quadrangulated.

I showed him ways to model the NURBS to help, but the results weren’t 100% satisfactory.

Long story short, I came across this so called “mesh2” yesterday and today – remembering of such a thing in the past.

I don’t recall ever getting my hands on using it though.

I’m curious if the ‘quadrangulation’ function works better during the actual process of meshing, rather than trying to mod the mesh after it’s already been triangulated.

To say the least, now I know that Rhino is creating weird meshes my boss was encountering, mostly due to Rhino still being worse at meshing than I previously thought.

And this thread looked dead so, now I’m necroposting it – zap. :coffee:

Do I get to use mesh2 in V8 wip or nah, I didn’t check yet.

I use Zbrush Zremesher and Dynamesh for higher poly counts.

Zbrush relays on the same algorithm as Quad Remesher - Auto Retopology - EXOSIDE . I think it`s possible that Rhino use the same engine behind.

Zbrush has two meshing algorithms. One is after hitting alt before pressing the Zremesher button.

Zbrush also allows using curves which say where are hard edges and how should look polygon flow.

Is it the same thing?

Mostly I’m seeking control over mesh wire flow composition and densities etc.

I’m not necessarily concerned about higher vs lower poly count other than having nice crisp density where it needs to be along detail curvatures, and low density among low detail curvatures etc.

While I’m aware that programs like Zbrush exist and they look amazing to me, I’ve barely tried others like Blender, and actually do own an old license of 3D Coat – I’m not very well versed in mesher style programs like those that take advantage of voxels and other mind blowing algorithms for meshing.

In the past I became quite familiar with reverse engineering software algos that seemed to have some similarities to high end mesher programs.

Lately, I’ve seen Grasshopper/Kangaroo related stuff that reminds me of those RE tools I used to use.

However, as of late, I’m mostly interested in this so called Mesh2 and the possible direction it’s in.

I know the new subD stuff could potentially be related, but the Mesh2 dialogue of ‘qaudtrangulate’ caught my attention. :coffee:

If I could create a mesh that was actually comprised of quads only, without too much distortion from original object, or rather have better control over the polygon shapes that conform to the NURBS, it could be super helpful.

For 3d printing, I would do this differently. You don`t need quad-triangulated mesh for 3d printing. You need to export the highest possible polygon count to have smooth roundings and next use decimation to change it to a lower poly count with preserving the overall shape. In Zbrush, I use the combo Dynamesh → Decimation master but it could be in any software I think.

You should question what solution will work over millions of polygons. I feel that GH is not the answer. I think that quadremesher is for other purposes.

I kind of agree, and that’s ultimately what we used as a workaround, but sometimes what the boss wants is what the boss needs.

So, to add more insight, we were working on a part that required high accuracy bushing interface – almost ‘press fit’ let’s say.

This part was later to be molded with relatively low coefficient of friction materials, but more importantly the micro grain structure of the geometry needed to be ‘quadrangulated’ at the surface.

The struggle we had was obtaining quads with high precision, and full control.

The best way was to completely rebuild the NURBS before meshing, but was just a workaround.

It should be more simple than that – like say ‘quadrangulate mesh’ (which didn’t work)

Or, say Mesh2 ‘quadrangulate’? New mesher prototype in Rhino WIP - #64 by Jussi_Aaltonen

I wasn’t able to get Mesh2 command to work…

Possibly V7 subD quad stuff would help, but the boss is still modeling with V5…

I’m mostly using V7 and some V8 wip, but I’m interested in where Mesh2 has evolved or maybe it’s obsolete … idk.

I found that Mesh2 dialogue very interesting – mostly wondering where to get ahold of it.

Here’s what happening with Mesh2

We have removed it from the WIP.

Within a few weeks, we will release a plugin called “PangolinMesher” on Food4Rhino and the Package Manager that will have all of the functionality of Mesh2.



Hi Andy,

Is there any news on this PangolinMesher release?

Maybe they have to come up with a new name - there is already a Pangolin plugin that’s been around since 2020 at least.

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Hi, any news about that?

Will it be exactly the same as this thing from years ago or was it developed further in the meantime?

I’m looking forward to this meshing method too.

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pangolin mesh is now available in package manager and from for rhino v7… v8 support coming soon-


Is this way different than the ‘mesh2’ thing? and what about mesh2 though?

I remember liking to have a better ‘quadrangulate’ option. One can only dream…

“…an object can be made up of several separate, unjoined objects but be meshed as if they were joined…” hmmm :thinking: :thought_balloon: interesting.

Not seeing ‘quadrangulate’ option…

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there is a quadrangulate command in rhino… as well as quadremesh.

what problem are you trying to solve?