Mesh2 alternative meshing

I see mesh2 hasn’t made it into V7 can this be brought back into V8 wip perhaps? I found it to be very useful


I believe reintroducing this in V8 was the plan. @andy would be more knowledgable on this topic than me though.

@andy any news about this?

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I’m also very interested in this topic.

There is a whole group of people making so-called “Hard-Surface Modelling” for games, movies etc. and some of them are looking into modeling in NURBS instead of meshes, because of how boolean works, how you got to deal with mesh topology, and how good vertex normals you can get when you export meshes out of NURBS. Saying all that… they rather looking into MoI 3D because of what kind of meshes it can export. Rhino of course has a lot more to offer, and new meshing algorithms would be fantastic to have for many reasons.


Beside that there is always a need for high quality meshes downstream. Not only for games, also for light(er) weight display meshes, 3D printing, web XR and rendering.
I had often good results with mesh2.


@andy do not seem to be very talkative :wink:
Because it would be an important feature for me, I need to bump this thread a bit and show that I’m among the people waiting for some news (hopefully good news).

I’ve added this thread to RH-64362.