Moi V4 beta - SubD to NURBS conversion

Very, very interesting -

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Come on nerds, let’s see some comparisons of conversion:

Rhino V7 wip* vs. Moi 4 Beta.

Seattle vs Portland.

The PNW Challenge!

I’m on a plane and I can’t check. But I’ll try some conversions myself too and post later. But you can all get started while I’m out.

*I know the current V6 has some gap problems after conversion, I think the current V7 wip might have fixed that already. Can anyone confirm? (@chuck, @pascal)


PS: speaking of regional challenges… how’s Mesh 2 and Quad mesh going? :crazy_face:

Hi Gustavo. In case that quote was a paraphrase from our recent email conversation, a closer approximation would be “I heard something about gaps being fixed somewhere. I’ll look into it to see if it would have any effect on your model” I really know little about, and am not involved in, the development of SubD. I do see that a bunch Youtrack issues related to gaps have been fixed. I haven’t yet been able to verify that those fixes help in the model you sent me.


I believe Dale has already done quite a bit of work on SubD in the WIP that is not in V6.

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