Mesh with holes from polylines in rhinowip to C#


In rhino wip I see function that allows to create mesh with holes from closed polyline.

Is there an example from .NET developers?
Before I was using Triangle.NET, but it worked only in 2D.


What command are you using to do this?

MeshPatch. I asks to select boundary and holes.

Ah but it not always works with concave polylines:

Hi @Petras_Vestartas,

The functionality behind the MeshPatch command is not exposed in any of our SDKs.

– Dale


So is there any command, that can create mesh with holes?

MeshPatch, but there is no Grashopper, or RhinoCommon function just rhino command

I was happy to find there is a Mesh.CreatePatch method exposed now. Although I’m not sure why the outerBoundary parameter needs to be a Polyline if the innerBoundaryCurves can be Curves.

Looks like it still wants Polylines even though type is curve.

I can confirm it does work with a Curve. It appears it does its own internal conversion to a Polyline.

Probably those conversions are based on your outer polyline for the best kind of triangulation, hence why the outside needs polyline explicitly?

If it’s of any use, I’m attaching the C# component shown in the image above. It should work with Data Trees and is multi-threaded as well (written for creating lots of building footprints at once). However, the Boundary Surfaces component is pretty damn fast now that it’s multi-threaded. (6.9 KB)


Ok so finally this one is shared between .NET I do not need to use Triangle.NET anymore.

So, this method is only expose for Rhino 6?

Yes it is