Generate mesh on multiple disconnected curves (closed polylines)

I have many (10 000+) curves-closed polylines - image 1

I need to generate mesh for every single curve. I can do it one by one with MeshPatch command, but that would take eternity - image 2

When I use MeshPatch for all the curves, it generates a surface that is not ‘‘precise’’ enough. Possibly the command is intended to do so but I don’t know why - image 3

So It is not possible to MeshTrim the inside of curves i need. - image 4

Any ideas?

meshpatchtest.dxf (109.9 KB)

Rhino 5 64bit, Win 7.

How about the MeshPolyline command?

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this article says it has been fixed in 5.1 version. I have 5.1.20927.2230 and when I try to input multiple polylines I get ‘‘Cannot use these object, removing them from selection.’’ Single input works fine.
Could anyone with an up-to-date version confirm multiple input works?

Hi Andrej - SelCrv, MeshPolyline works here on these curves in SR 11. SR1 is very old…


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problem solved then
thank you very much for your input