Mesh Topology optimization to be Unroll

Hi to everyone!

I´ve been working around with mesh and unroller to get the pieces for fabrication, there´s an amazing tutorials out there like from this guy Gediminas Kirdeikis for unroll the meshes. (

My question here is for the models I’ve created i got around 500+ meshes to be unrolled using stripper component too and that´s great but I’ve been looking if there´s a way for fabrication to reduce those numbers, I’ve seen some complex shape inflatables and they doesn´t seem fabricated from 500 small meshes/pieces there´s bigger pieces.

Someone here knows how to optimize the meshes or how to join them but still able to unroll them?

Some examples of this complex shapes and you can see is join them each strip/mesh to create one here there´s 8 pieces together but if i unroll this doesn´t create a flat planar for manufacture

It would be great help to have a lead on this and have better optimization on meshes unrrolls

I´ll appreciate any comment about it

thank you!

PS component used it: FOX, STRIPPER, WEAVEBIRD,