Mesh to 3dp

Good evening everybody, what would be the best process to go from a well constructed mesh to a 3D printing file format such as STL? I’ve been working on this quad mesh for a long time, and I want to preserve its smoothness when printing it.

What was your experience when 3d printing complex meshes? Do you have any suggestion for a novice? I thought of asking here, even though it might be off topic, because you guys have helped me grow so much.

Meshto3dp.3dm (12.5 MB)

Your Rhino file exports just fine as a manifold STL file. So it will print OK except for the major problem that it is hollow and will need all sorts of internal supports if you use a standard FDM style printer. The photo shows your file after exporting as an STL and slicing it with PrusaSlicer.

Note that an STL file is just another simple mesh format, so it’s easy to export a 3dm file that is a mesh as a printable STL file - as long as the 3dm mesh is “good”, meaning it has no gaps, inverted normals, etc.

Your mesh is nicely done - it has thickness, smooth edges, no nasty corners or points. So it should be easy to print provided you are able to deal with the necessary internal supports. My first thought about printing this would be to print it upside down, but even doing that will require some supports since there would still be overhanging areas that require support.

PS: I have no idea what this object could be. My best guess: a vertabrae?

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