Mesh, Surface, or SubD for large terrain sculpting


I’ve been tasked to find the best way to manipulate a large terrain model (ie. sculpt a water channel into the terrain, soften the toe of a slope), while holding to certain parameters (ie. max. slope angles) and then easily measuring the volume differences made by those changes.

My question is: is there a best format in which to make these changes? My input files are predominantly DXFs from software like Civil 3D where they use TINs and so they import as open meshes. When I make my changes to the terrain, should I be working with NURB surfaces, meshes, or using SubD?

Sorry if this is a basic question, the more I delve into Rhino, the less I understand haha. I’m trying to make accurate models but also something that won’t crash or take 5 minutes to process every minor change I make.


Hello - Rhino can edit the mesh to a certain extent, but it is possible a tin will be very large - you might want to look into RhinoTerrain or Lands