Mesh Split Plane

Hi !

Is there a component, displaying the Plane Surface, following the Mesh ( Grasshopper, Rhino 7, Weaverbird ) ? (23.9 KB)

I can see your code, it works for me in R6, but I don’t understand your question?

Rhino 7 does not show any Surface of the XY Plane : First Image ( Example File ), Second and Third Image ( Plane, but no Surface )

Is the Splitting Plane visible in Rhino 6 then ?

You want something like this? (27.8 KB)


This was weird. Looks to me like your ‘Custom Quality’ choice for ‘Preview Mesh Quality’ prevents the Boundary surfaces from being visible. When I changed it to ‘High Quality’, they look fine.


Magic ! Thank you :heart:

It does not yet work, are my preferences alright, like this ? Probably it just is the version …

I use the default preview settings in GH and don’t know why your custom settings fail for me. Your black background doesn’t suit me at all.

NOTE: @HS_Kim’s model also fails for me until I change from ‘Custom Quality’ to one of the defaults for ‘Preview Mesh Quality’.

Oh okay, just change it in Rhino Preferences, I´d take Kim´s solution. Thank you for your help

Did you try Rhino 7 evtl. ?