Mesh smoothness

I have created two objects in Blender: a fabric and a cube.
When the objects are imported as a .OBJ file, they are smooth. Also, the cube in this example, can’t be exploded.
Objects in .PLY are not smooth, as can be seen in the image below.

I’m sure that the smoothness is related somehow with a software thing, not the mesh density, becase both .OBJ and .PLY are the same object.


  • How can I generate smooth meshes from NURBS like the .OBJ ones?
  • Why .OBJ can’t be exploded?

Use the command Weld to set the smoothing. It is based on the angle between the mesh faces. a setting of 180 will smooth everything.

And use Unweld to make it “jaggy” again. Same goes for the angle, a setting of 0 will unweld all smoothness.

(Neither command explodes the mesh, it just affects what part of the mesh to give a visual smoothness)

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