Mesh self-intersections

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I often use meshlab filters in my workflows to remove self-intersections. Their self-intersection selection tool is very powerful when used with Rhino’s Fill mesh holes. I was wondering if anyone ever tried to call meshlab from Rhino/grasshopper or if there is a similar solution in Rhino or GH to select self-intersecting faces and delete them? Thanks in advance for any help!

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You could try the TestCullClashingMeshFaces command in Rhino. It does not autocomplete (@dalelear can tell why) but it works.



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If you are familiar with coding (C#) you can do this:

Stuff like this is used , say, for checking self ccx events in case of offset (grey Mesh) etc etc:

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I’m having trouble finding this command in Rhino 6, am i doing sth wrong?

Hi - the command is a “test command” and, because of that, won’t autocomplete on the command line and is not found in toolbars, …

You need to type the entire command TestCullClashingMeshFaces - or just copy-paste it from here.

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Unfortunately, I am not proficient in C# could you share this as a component?

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Practise is closed (have no idea how long) and I don’t have this particular C# at home. That said what could be the difference in usage between this - as it is - and an “add-on”? None to be honest.

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Thanks for getting back to me. The “TestCullClashingMeshFaces” works great in rhino, but I am just not sure how to utilise it through grasshopper. It also seams that your component has some advanced controls which I was interested in having a look at but not to worry. Sorry to hear that your practice is closed. I hope you are safe and well !.


I took that decision rather easily: too many contacts and no Remdesivir in stock.

So … enter Permanent Vacation(s)

Great stuff! Have a happy Coivdcation - 20. Thanks again for the help


Hi Kevin,

was trying to help you out, but unfortunately I haven’t finished C# nursery shool yet.
Anyway, here’s the code that Peter posted in a C#-component.

Haven’t figured out how to return the mesh yet and it’s time to sleep.

Perhaps someone who actually can code can give you a (2.5 KB)

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Er … this is NOT the thing to use for the occasion.

If the laptop works(?) and there’s no wind for windsurfing I’ll fix it soon.

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Ok, my bad.

Still, I hope you have wonderful windsurfing weather!

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Sorry I am only seeing you reply now Lars. Thanks for the help. I too am attending C# nursery school. I may also have to attend C# summer school. :rofl:


Windsurfing in a Darth Vader costume must help with the sunburn. Enjoy!