Mesh Repair Wizard works 1x and more issues


there is 1 mesh in the file that I want to check and repair.
OneMesh.3dm (445.8 KB)

Let’s start the Mesh Repair Wizard.
And select the mesh.

As expected, the mesh has errors:

So I click ‘Repair Mesh’, and something was repaired:

This is more to do, so I hit ‘Next >’.
The textbox is clipped at the bottom.
I check ‘(122) Non-manifold edges’ and click ‘Repair’.

Not sure if something happend.
The ‘(122)…’ is still there.
I click ‘Next >’.
Then the dialog shows this:

Ok, I trust in the Wizard, but I want to check again.
Better I close the dialog and start from the beginning.
I select the mesh, and the 122 non manifiold edges are still there.
I must have done something wrong, so I begin the process to repair.

But ‘Repair Mesh’ does nothing.
‘Next’ is dead as well.

Something is wrong with the Wizard…


Thanks Charles,

I seem to get the same behavior in v5 and the WIP.

I have created a ticket for it here.