Mesh Regulation with several congruent triangles

Recently I’m learning about Mesh Regulation (Sorry, I don’t the name of this technology). I remember I took part in a meeting about computer graphics several years ago. A professor has an algorithm which can optimize various triangles to several congruent triangles like this figure. I’m really interested in this technology. Does anyone know the name of this technology, or give me some papers about this, or share any useful information?
Thanks for everyone!

This topic is sometimes referred to as mesh rationalization.
A couple of papers specifically on tiling surfaces with repetitions of a small number of shapes:

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Thanks soooooooooooo much!!!

Hi Daniel,

Regarding the k-set paper, is this something you see with potential in combining k-means clustering (using a library such as Accord) with Kangaroo (for the optimization step)?


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HI, Timothytai
I’m seeing your post. It has become our common question:)