Circle packing on mesh w/ count optimisation (galapagos)

hi im trying to learn K2 and how to make goals. from some reason K2 is very confusing!
i wish to have a circles of same diameter on 3d mesh but i cant make the triangles the same size.

i must have looked over every single page with circle packing and dynamic remashing.

im wishing for 6 coincident points (hex like result) to make sure i do not over lap the circles.
also how can i make the optimization from the center of the mesh and the reason i was wondering using galapagos is to know how many i need and not by playing with the slider.

thnx a lot.
meanwhile ill keep messing around with the github example files and see what i can learn.

Hi Asaf,

When you talk about making the triangles the same size, do you mean the triangulation you get from connecting the circle centers?
In general it won’t be possible to have these edge lengths be equal with the points lying on the surface.
Similarly it isn’t generally possible to have equal sized circles each tangent to 6 others on a curved surface.

You might need to compromise on at least one of these constraints - which one is best really depends on what this is for.