Mesh reduction strategy

I’ve got a customer who has to take million-polygon scan meshes and reduce them to an neat and orderly 5000, like you were making a model for a game but it’s not for a game. He presently uses 3D Coat to ‘wrap’ a low poly mesh around it, or something like that, and finds it a tad time-consuming. There’s no possible Rhino workflow that would be better? I can’t see it, but thought I should ask.

Hi Jim,
Not the answer you’re looking for but…
I’ve never found anything in Rhino that gets close to what 3DCoat does. V4 is out now and the retopology is great.

Hi Jim,

How about _ReduceMesh? Did you/he/she try that already? Does that have any downsides?


Hi Jim,

usually the scanner software comes with such tools. If this is not the case and the scan has below 3 mio triangles, give ReMESH by Marco Attene a try.

Also search online for the terms: remeshing, poisson reconstruction, pcl…


Thanks guys, looking at the customer’s before and after I’d say 3D Coat looks great, and for his job there’s obviously a lot of judgement required, there’s just no way to do it automagically.