Mesh Pyramids with Weaverbird - How do I seperate them?


I subdivided simple mesh faces into several triangles and then used the Stellate-command to build triangles out of them. Is there a way to get access to every single pyramid, so that i can randomreduce (reduce 1 pyramid at a time) or similar? I think the solution is close to this thread: Seperate meshes

But i cant make it work for my own project.

mesh (6.1 KB) mesh pyramids.3dm (66.4 KB)

Do you mean this?

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Sorry I don’t have all components in your definition. You can use Deconstruct Mesh and then Construct Mesh to rebuild each face. Grafting the F input on Construct Mesh creates a separate mesh per face.

mesh (13.1 KB)

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Now that was easy. Thanks!