"mesh pipe" object missing?

cant seem to find a way to get his object on my GH 0.90076
any idea how ?


Take a look at this thread:


This is the most updated one: https://www.grasshopper3d.com/photo/mesh-tools

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Hello, I’ve downloaded and installed properly the Grasshopper plug-in Mesh Tools. It appears in the Primitive panel, but doesn’t have the MeshPipe option… Is it a problem with my software version? I have Rhino 6 SR29 and Grasshopper latest version form August 2020.

Here’s what appears…

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have you found a solution? i’m having the same problem right now

FWIW, it appears there’s a Mesh Pipe component in the NGON plug-in ( NGON info | Grasshopper Docs) that can be installed either by downloading from F4R or with the Rhino PackageManager (in Rhino 6, use TestPackageManager).