Mesh Pipe plug in?


I have been looking for hours for a plug in called mesh pipe but there is none, and this is what comes up when I open the definition.


I believe that’s the one from Mateusz here:

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I tried that one but I get the same unrecognized Voxel object window when I open the script.

Did you installed the plugin correct? Unblocking files etc.

Yes I have installed it correctly but still it dosent work! I have rhino 6 could that be the problem?

Hi, the link @DanielPiker sent is actually the first version. The one you are looking for is here:

You must join the milkbox group first.

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Do you know how I can join the group?


You should be able to go here and join as long as you have a Grasshopper3d account.

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You click Join :grinning: (upper right side)

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Thank you so much!! :smiley: It all worked out. :star_struck:

Can anyone confirm if this is still working? I joined milkbox and downloaded from the latest link, and it’s still not showing up as a component.

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It works, i use it often.

I can’t get this to install, either. I downloaded the latest link, but it didn’t work :confused:

Could you please share your gha. file with us? Maybe it works :thinking:

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if you are on rhino 6, you could make your own mesh pipe component.
a rough example here: (as mentioned in the post, the intervals are optional).

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What version of Rhino are you using?

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So what you’re saying is that it 100% will not work for Rhino 6? If it’s possible, does someone have a version they can upload?

This particular plugin is a dependency for another script I’m trying to use, and I’m attempting to get that specific look, so I would rather be able to use this version. Thanks.

I’m not saying it 100% won’t work. I’m just saying that, as an alternative…if you can’t get your current mesh pipe component to work…it’s only a couple lines of code to make your own, that will do pretty much the same thing?

You can also try to use ngon plugin.


I have both Rhino 5 and 6. It works fine in both. I have the same gha from milkbox group. The mesh tools components don’t have their own tab, they go into grasshoppers mesh tab.

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