Mesh patterns in grasshopper

I am trying to generate a mesh triangular pattern in grasshopper to fill with 3d triangles.

In this video and in all of the videos I have looked at the pattern is generated from Mesh + plugin. I am working in Rhino 7 on my mac. There is no Mesh + plug in that will work. Ultimately I want to print the 3d triangles as individual items and glue them together to form a parametric geometry or several geometries.
I just cannot seem to get there with a mesh pattern from an imported Rhino surface. Perhaps I should use a triangular paneling pattern or quad ramesh pattern in Rhino than import to Grasshopper? Can anyone think of a way to achieve this without the plug in?


This kind of thing can certainly be achieved without any plugins: (38.6 KB)

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Well this is certainly impressive. However I cannot follow. What did you start with it looks like a pt. I just started with grasshopper. I am a professional designeer who is starting 3d printing in my own shop.
Did you input the 3d triangles? I really cannot follow what you did. My goal is to design several parametric shapes to but only print the triangles, number them and glue them together.
Thanks for your help. I see that you are the Kangaroo inventor. Very cool stuff. I have studied it a little.
Fran Taubman

Here’s another version using only vanilla components from Rhino 7.

It’s closer to what is done in the tutorial. I substituted the Mesh+ component with Daniel’s TriRemesher. (20.6 KB)

You guys are amazing!! Honored. Is the Tri remesher in kangaroo? I se that Daniel gave me the script to download I am studying it now. I will try both. I thought of doing it in Rhino with a culled paneling. But I want to generate many different parametric models using the same triangles. Maybe varying the sizes ultimately I would like larger triangles and fabricate furniture. Starting small.
Thanks to you all
Fran Taubman

Daniel what was your input with the number 20?

No, it’s a new Grasshopper component in Rhino 7 and can be found in the Mesh tab inside the Triangulation category.

In my definition, the sizes of the holes are slightly varied.

Yes I just saw that. Daniel did not use the Tri remesh. I just have to use the faces to create the depth of the triangles. But that component is really helpful. Why is there no mesh + for grasshopper mac

It’s a pretty old add-on from the early days of Grasshopper, when there was no macOS version yet, that simply hasn’t been updated. It’s up to the developers to make their add-ons compatible. Many of them work on Windows, and have no mac to test on or don’t care.

Here’s a small update that shows how to lay the modules out and number them. (29.1 KB)

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Your work here is beyond amazing. Thank you. I am trying to rewrite the script myself so I can see the way it evolves. But it is exactly like I visualized and wanted. I can use the same script and change parameters.
With the new sub d in Rhino, is anyone importing quad ramesh into Grasshopper and starting from there. Is there any advantage to importing a mesh from Rhino to Grasshopper. The parametric would not be the same as with curves. Thanks Diff-arch

Fran Taubman
What is your name if I wanted to contact you outside of this forum?

That’d also be possible! Simply connect the quad mesh to the TriRemesher (if you want to do something similar to it). It will try to turn your quad mesh in to a regular triangulated one.

Surfaces and polysurfaces (breps) are very precise, which is often times required for manufacturing or building in the real world, but comes with the trade-off of being slow computation-wise. If you for instance have big models with thousands of modules Rhino tends to get sluggish in performance.
Meshes are less precise, since they hold only minimal information and thus are far faster to compute.
A widely used workflow is thus to for instance to sketch or prototype digitally with meshes, and later turn to polysurfaces for production. You have to be very careful in the translation stage though, not to lose information and change your initial geometry!

It could be! It all depends on what you want to do.

You can contact me via private message, if you want to.