Creating an overlapping triangle pattern on a surface

I want to create a pattern of overlapping triangles on a surface.
I managed to use the triangle paneling tool in lunchbox to create a triangle grid on the surface and now i want to create my pattern based on this grid, so that each point in the grid is surrounded by a triangle that has 3 neighboring grid points as its vertices.
in the screenshot there is one such triangle but i want to make such a triangle for every grid point and then see them all at once.
this works with the knob parameter (creating the triangles one by one) but when i plug the “series” cable into the “list item” all i’m getting is a mess.
can someone please help me make a neat pattern? (71.5 KB)

can you share simple version without kangaroo components
and draw the pattern you want because the idea is not clear

the complete pattern should look just like a plain triangle grid and that wouldn’t be very helpful to show it.
the idea is to create a triangle around each grid node (based on a simple triangle grid) like the one green triangle in my screenshot. each grid node is surrounded by 6 neighbors and i want to draw a triangle based on 3 of them. in the end each grid node should be surrounded by a triangle that has other three grid nodes as its vertices. hope its clear now.

Is it just that you want a triangle grid aligned with the other edge of your surface?
If so, you could swap the UV points:

thank you!
im a noob in GH and im not very familiar with all the components that you used. so i cant read the script that you showed. if you could enable display>draw full names, that would be very helpful.

what i need in the end is a list of triangles (closed polylines) that are arranged according to the pattern that i described above (overlapping each other on the given surface)

I understand that but i want you draw your idea in rhino without grasshopper, to know exactly which pattern you want and the best way to create it