Mesh on existent object

Hey everyone! I’m pretty new to rhino and grasshopper and there’s something I want to do with my model but have no idea on how to do it. I created a voronoid tower on grasshopper and baked it with this as the ending result: attached picture. Now I need to get a mesh that would simulate the shape of the tower (covering gaps and everything else) I tried to do it by draping but it doesn’t quite adapt to the shape. Is there any way to do sort of a “vacuum forming” mesh of the existing object? maybe through any grasshopper script? I hope I was able to explain myself. Thank you in advance!

You could try using Cocoon

You’ll need to do a bit of reading on how it works, but it could potentially wrap around your geometry - or at least you get a close enough result.

If you have the grasshopper definition though, haven’t you already got the data for creating that tower in the first place?

Or failing that - you could always _contour through your existing geometry to create a set of curves to loft through? Bit more time consuming, but if there is nothing else…


I do have the original loft of the tower but the shape and size completely changed when I did the voronoid and moved the cells through an attractor point. I’ll check it out and try to see if that works thank you!!!