Mesh material


I have received a mesh model with a material.
But I cannot see the material in materials panel and I cannot match properties to get the material onto other objects.

Any ideas how I can ‘unlock’ this material?

just a fully wild guess without a file, maybe the mesh is in a block?

Does not seem so.

The file is here in case you care to look at it.

That is a mesh with vertex colors.

To get the material out into a texture I’d bake it in Blender: Render Baking — Blender Manual

i found some py component for grasshopper, maybe that can help either.

Thanks but I don’t know blender.

Sounds a bit complicated.
But thanks anyways :slight_smile:

What you don’t know you can always learn :slight_smile:

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i honestly cant… tried many times to learn blender :face_with_spiral_eyes: the ui is just too wicked. loving the old archaic rhino ui, at least it works makes sense at least more than blender and has some sort of affinity to industrial standard. whilst blender is just totally punk anarchy created by nerdy monkeys who probably never did anything else in their lives other than playing with 3d games and dont know how to peel a banana without eating the skin. yes some say its healthy but hey it just does not taste nice… ehm eh… yeah, you get the analogy.

So I’m a nerdy monkey eh, I have done nothing but play 3d games and don’t know how to peel a banana? (Some screencasts of stuff I did for the rewrite of Blender GUI for Blender 2.5: ).

Yes Blender is challenging to learn… I know a tiny bit. But I hope to learn it more.
For years, I used to just have a blender install, I would open it some times just to enjoy the magnificent UI and have a rest from Rhino’s complete disregard to UI design.

I didn’t know how to do anything more then rotate the box… but I was still updating to the newer versions… as much as I managed to keep up.

i have it installed all the time open it once in 3 month and have a look at it just to find out why i hate it so much. yes ok my joke about the UI was actually not fair, i keep forgetting that i am actually talking about the navigation. the UI does look neat and sweet otherwise, but hey dont let Nathan know :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The work I did also included navigation.

But I guess it isn’t for everyone. I have no problems with the Blender GUI, it is nice logical in most cases, great mouse focus based context - the only thing I don’t like since the 2.5 rewrite is the blasted uniformity of it all. The introduction of colors back into icons was very necessary, but I still miss the differently sized buttons from pre Blender 2.5 that made it easy to spot important areas on a glance. Big render button, color coding, etc.

And the GUI is so much more configurable than Rhino, including key maps.

Anyway, we’re veering off-topic.

Mesh material is a mesh with vertex colors. I think the best way to get the texture out at the moment is through baking the texture in Blender+Cycles.

Veering even farther off topic… [yet maybe it is a useful note if the OP wish to use your solution]
Import 3dm after updating to B4.0 and keeping settings, is showing in the add-on list as enabled, but it is not in the manu import list.

I will look at Blender 4 when rhino3dm based on OpenNURBS 8 is released

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