Mesh handling improvements needed


We have a few more wishes and ideas for the pile that would keep improving the mesh handling:

  1. Better OffsetMesh. Right now, even though we use it very often the results are usually pretty bad. I realize currently the offset is just taking each vertex and moving it along its normal by the offset value, but I hardly find it useful for anything. How about making this tool working for real ? I guess it is harder to make it with Solids, and you did it nicely, so how about we have the same for meshes? See the sample file attached for better explanation - the Solids keep the offset distance from each face, not corner. This is so much more useful.
    offset_mesh_problems.3dm (466.6 KB)
  1. InsetMeshPart command. This is quite common mesh modeling function and would love to finally have it inside Rhino too. See the image below for explanation of what it does and how it could work. Please note, the inset faces should stay selected for best workflow:
  1. SplitMeshFace command. Same as SplitFace command, but working with meshes. Or just have SplitFace accept mesh face.

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Here is another example of useless OffsetMesh result on a simple shape:\

OffsetMesh.3dm (459.6 KB)

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I completely agree that there’s room for improvement here. In fact, there is code in Rhino which can do the inset correctly, but it is clearly not being used in OffsetMesh. There is also going to be issues with self-intersections that need to be handled.

I made the following YouTrack items:


Great, all this is crucial for effective Sub-D modelling when using a quad mesh as base.

David, thanks, and good to know there is some code to handle it already. Obviously there will ve special cases of complex meshes or self-intersecting results, but even if we got the ‘normal’ cases working properly that would help a lot for starters.
Can’t view the YT non-public items but thanks for adding it.