Can the function of Mesh offset be used ? (C++/Rhino5)

I want to look for this function ?
Can it deal with self-intersection due to mesh offset ?

Look in rhinoSdkMeshUtilities.h, starting at line 113 you have the following functions for dealing with offsetting mesh. I’m not sure about self-intersection though.

ON_Mesh* RhinoMeshOffset(double d, const ON_Mesh* pMesh);
ON_Mesh* RhinoMeshOffset(double d, const ON_Mesh* pMesh, bool bSolidify);
bool CapOffSettedMesh(const ON_Mesh* pInputMesh, ON_Mesh* pOutputMesh, double Offset);

Thank you for reply. :smile:
It is important about self-intersection problem for 3D print. :sob:
I look for many libraries, but I still not find out good method.
Though I find out a solution in below, my PC can’t work due to lag.

I don’t know why and can’t develop it to C++ projection.
Therefore, I hope I can get a good idea to solve this problem. :weary:

@tim can you help here?

Hi Kaicihuang,

Sorry the mesh offset function in the SDK is pretty simple. Vertexes are moved the offset distance in the direction of the average vertex normal. That’s it. No self intersection is performed.


Thank you for help.
Your profession is computer graphics ?