Populating a non-rectangle double concave mesh(group)


I have tried for hours to populate a set of 20 meshes with points without luck. I want to get every mesh populated somewhat evenly to be able to build new surfaces of them, with control of the topology. The idea is to create a 3D skin for a part that was created in Autodesk Inventor. I am basically planning to move the points from the original meshes according to some logic and then create the according new shapes that then would be merged with the original part, ready for 3D printing.

There are a million ways to approach the problem at least to a guy like me, with just some months of experience on Grasshopper.

I don´t even know if the shapes-through-points is the best way to approach this tricky imported geometry modification.

Here is attached my mesh(es). This is the outermost surface of the part, the rest of the part is left out. (TheMeshes.stl (666 KB) (If you know a more straight forward approach I would love to hear of it)

The problem is I can´t export the 20 parts separately. I hope you are able to see the cutting lines (straight lines spanning between the straight edges of the geometry) and understand the problem.

Any help extremely appreciated!