Mesh Colours problem

recently Grasshopper Mesh Colours component is not working.
Meshes get totally black.
Any known issue? (maybe in the latest GH releases - Rhino 6 SR6).
When using Construct Mesh then meshes get colored (though not nicely as with Mesh Colours).
Also with other components that output colored meshes the result is total black.

As an example I show three images, the original mesh, the mesh colored with Mesh Colours (totally black) and the mesh colored with Construct Mesh.

Thank you in advance.


Original mesh

Mesh colored with Mesh Colours

Mesh colored with Construct Mesh

Does flipping the mesh before mesh color change something? I think I remember a thread where this solves the problem.
But anyways, looks like a bug.
Can you upload the file?

Hi @Francesco_De_Luca,

When constructing your mesh, make sure to compute the normals - mesh.Normals.ComputeNormals().

– Dale

thank you for the suggestions. I checked the normals and are all oriented correctly. I tried anyway to flip or unify normals but it doesn’t work and in effect the component Construct Mesh works though the Mesh Colours component doesn’t work.
I attach the file.

FrancescoMeshColours (16.7 KB)

Hello again,
I just opened the uploaded small definition in Rhino 5 GH0.9.0076 and it works correctly.
Could the problem be some Rhino 6 settings about how to visualize Meshes?
@ DavidRutten


Same problem here.
Mesh colours preview black in grasshopper.
When baked, the color is corrected, both for the rhino geometry and also triggers GH preview to display correctly.
Fix is only temporary because any upstream change in the script results in the mesh displaying black again.