Mesh Boolean Union Troubles


Currently I am working on a project for a 3D Printed attachment for a car rim for an installation.

One problem I am having is making this file 3D printable, by virtue of the fact that the model consists of an series of high-poly meshes from a super detailed scan. For this reason, some of the mesh topology is inconsistent in some of the models (i.e. the pineapple) and despite the fact that the mesh is closed it cannot be “booleaned” in any way. As a result the mesh cannot be made 3D printable because of overlapping meshes that are not merged into one closed mesh ready to be 3D printed.

I am open to any solutions for how these meshes can be joined to make a 3D printable mesh, and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Are the meshes good before you try and boolean them?
You say they are closed, but what does Rhino say if you select them and run MeshRepair?

Dendro usually helps in these situations. Pay close attention to voxel size and tolerance

Thanks for getting back so quick, sorry about the lateness its been a crazy week.

Turns out when I ran this command, there were a lot of bad meshes due to some ambivalence with the scan. So there are a lot of meshes that were supposed to be closed that are open, as well as meshes that are closed but are bad meshes.

I am unsure on how to fix that entirely without sculpting these models entirely again using a different software so that the topology is more consistent. Given the density of the meshes is there any possibility of possibly simplifying them in Rhino so that they can be fixed in Rhino?

Thanks will try it out! Sorry for the lateness.